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Consistent Passwords.

Change your password on a regular basis, and use the same complex password guidelines you use at work.


Updated Login Information.

Get in the habit to change your passwords on your personal accounts when you are required to change your passwords at work.


Data Security.

Always enable a passcode on your mobile devices.


Varying Login.

Don’t use the same user ids and passwords on all your e-banking and/or favorite shopping sites.


Multiple Email Addresses.

Consider using a separate email account for electronic banking business – separate from the one you use for general emailing, internet inquiries, social media, and shopping.


Limit Cyber Footprint.

Limit the amount of personal information you post on social media.


Virus Protection.

Be sure to have some form of anti-virus protection on your computer.


Up-to-Date Software.

Keep your operating software and anti-virus up to date to take advantage of the most recent updates which address known vulnerabilities.


Safe Web Browsing.

Pay close attention to website URLs. For instance, fraudsters often use common misspellings or may change the URL extension from .com to .net to redirect you to a fraudulent site.


Mobile Device Security.

If you have a laptop consider investing in an anti-theft software and/or encryption software.


Check Downloads Twice.

Always be cautious of any downloads and hyperlinks – know where you are going.